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Recently, I posted a poll on Instagram asking if you had any questions or topics you wanted Dan and me to discuss on the program. You had a LOT to say and today we respond to you questions and concerns in an episode devoted to how to have a GREAT relationship.

Ep. 139 How to Have a GREAT Relationship: Dan and I Tell All!

Eli Weinstein

There’s still a bit of mystery—and sometimes, stigma—surrounding psychotherapy, so I’m starting an occasional series called, “Let’s Talk Therapy!” In these episodes we’ll pull back the curtain and provide the inside scoop on what counseling is all about! Today, Eli Weinstein, LCSW, shares his professional and personal journey as a social worker and therapist.

Ep 138 Let’s Talk Therapy! with Eli Weinstein, LCSW

Shari Botwin

Shari Botwin, LCSW, joins Dr. Karin to talk about her book, Thriving After Trauma: Stories of Living and Healing.

Ep. 137 Thriving After Trauma! with Shari Botwin, LCSW

Anita Stoudmire, MA, LPC

Relationships don’t have to be so difficult—they can actually be fluid and even EASY! But they definitely can’t be easy if we pick unhealthy, toxic partners. And all too often, we’re completely unaware as to why we keep attracting—and being attracted to—dysfunctional people in the first place. For years, Anita Stoudmire chose men who were incapable of being the partner she desired. Eventually, she’d had enough disappointment and frustration. Anita began to unpack the dynamics causing her to choose poorly. She joins me to explain how she fixed her “picker” and finally learned to choose well!

Ep 136 How to Choose Well When Picking a Partner! Anita Stoudmire, MA, LPC

Why Core Values are the Secret to a Happy Relationship! Ep. 135

For the SEO blurb, let’s put, “Relationships can be EASY—when we share the same core values!

Ep. 135 Why Core Values are The Secret to a Happy Relationship!

Dr Karin Love and Life Podcast - Episode 134

It’s hard to trust when our heart has been broken multiple times. We get jaded and bitter. We build up a wall of protection. We worry we’ll never be able to trust anyone ever again.

Ep. 134 How Can I Ever Learn to Trust Again? And More of Your Questions!

Britt McHenry

Everything You Need to Know About Egg Freezing with Britt McHenry Ep. 13‪3 on Love and Life

Ep 133 Everything You Need to Know About Egg Freezing with Britt McHenry

Kate Griffith

Most of us assumed we’d eventually be mothers. And, many of us deeply desired this—we dreamed about it, we planned for it, we read parenting books preparing ourselves for this most important role. But sometimes, life doesn’t play out as we’d hoped and we end up childless not by choice. Katy Seppi of Chasing Creation […]

Ep. 132 Childless Not By Choice

EP131 When You’re a Strong Independent Woman, but You Still Want a Man!

Kate Griffith shares the struggles she faced during her single years—but also, and more importantly, why she’s actually glad for her single years and the growth she experienced while navigating life solo! Kate talks about all she did to embrace her single season—how she made reservations for one, saw movies by herself, and even traveled alone. By pushing and challenging herself in these realms, Kate became stronger individually, gained confidence, and learned to be at home with herself—and by herself.

Ep. 131 When You’re a Strong Independent Woman, but You Still Want a Man!

Bad Childhood, Great Life! with Brunnie Getchell, LMHC Ep. 130

Brunnie Getchell’s childhood was rough. Her family struggled with addiction, abandonment, abuse, poverty, and more. As a result, she created a protective shell around her which left her “emotionally frozen” and withdrawn.

Ep 130 Bad Childhood, Great Life! with Brunnie Getchell, LMHC