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Love & Life: Lively conversations grounded in psych research to help us thrive in love and life!

Sarah Blodgett

Teacher, writer, speaker, and the creator of Everyday Starlet, Sarah Blodgett, joins us to consider questions such as “how can independent, empowered women embody feminine energy? Isn’t this essentially a contradiction in terms?”

Ep. 192 Masculine and Feminine Energy: Can Empowered Women Fully Embody Our Feminine Energy? with Sarah Blodgett

Christine Coen

Christine Coen, registered dietitian and fitness professional, discovered natural methods to overcome anxiety, depression, and emotional eating. She joins us today to share these strategies with us!

Ep. 191 How I Beat Depression Through Nutrition and Movement with Christine Coen

Brooke Mullen

When I come across an empowered woman who’s all about empowering others, I want to share her journey with you—which is exactly why I invited Brooke Mullen of Sapahn to the program.

Ep. 190 Handbags and Human Rights: The Sapahn Story with Brooke Mullen 

Podcast image

Psychologist Dr. Duana Welch recently joined me for an Instagram Live to talk about the revised version of her must-read dating guide, Love Factually:  10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do.

Ep. 189 Dr. Duana Welch on Dating Factually!

Miriam Conner and Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

Recently, I appeared on aParently Speaking podcast with Miriam conner. Miriam asked me to speak about fear—specifically, how parents may inadvertently pass on anxiety to their children.

Ep. 188 Did You Inherit Your Anxiety from Your Parents?

Marie Thouin, Ph.D.

Marie Thouin, Ph.D. shares how a mindfulness practice can enhance our lives in myriad realms—and certainly when it comes to dating!

Ep. 187 Mindful Dating with Marie Thouin, Ph.D.

Elliott Anderson speaking with Karin Anderson Abrell

We all desire deep, genuine intimacy. But so often, it feels incredibly difficult to cultivate! Sometimes we’re so infatuated we rush things. Other times, we fear getting close because we’ve been hurt so many times before.

Ep. 186 How to Build Deep Romantic Intimacy: Love & Life Live! at Judson University with Elliott Anderson, MA

Leisse Wilcox and Elliott Anderson copy

Divorce is brutal. The wound it leaves is deep and lasting. Can we find restoration and redemption after the death of a marriage? Can we resuscitate a demolished heart?

Ep. 185 The Divorce Wound: Restoration and Redemption with Leisse Wilcox and Elliott Anderson, MA

Despite the number of people affected by gray divorce, few resources exist to provide support as adult children manage this unexpected and painful family division.

Ep. 184 Attachment and Boundaries in Adult Children of “Gray Divorce” with Psychotherapists Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg

Dr. Karin and Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson

Family dynamics can be tricky to sort out due to the intensity of emotions and because we lack the objectivity necessary to see ourselves and our connections clearly; it’s hard to observe a system when you’re part of the system.

Ep. 183 Is Your Family Sabotaging Your Love Life? with Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson