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I Called it Loyalty, but it Wasn’t The other day “Wild Horses” came on the radio. I hadn’t heard it in a while. As music will do, it took me back. Back to Dylan. He loved The Stones. And he loved that song. Years ago, we sang it to each other on the dance floor […]

How do I Get Over Him?

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A few years ago I was 40 years old and single without a man in sight. Everyone had an opinion as to why I wasn’t married. I was too picky, too intimidating, too focused on my career, too neurotic, too analytical, and too sensitive. There had to be something wrong with me, right? Otherwise, I’d be married like everyone else my age.

Why am I Still Single?

It’s a lot easier to have a happy marriage when you marry a happy person. But too often we expect a relationship will make us happy. We live in “the whens.” “When I have a bf, I’ll be happy.” “When I get married, I’ll be happy.” “When I have a baby, I’ll be happy.” And […]

Secrets of a Happy Marriage: It’s a Lot Easier if You Marry a Happy Person!