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Leslie Kaz

After 21 years of dating, serial monogamy, breakups, and periods of feeling miserably alone, Leslie Kaz was over it! Tired of what she calls “The Endless Search” for a man, Leslie decided to take a 6 month break from dating.

Ep. 83 Blissfully Single: Leslie Kaz, author of Single Girl Bliss

Laura Behnke

Sports anchor Laura Behnke had it all—high-powered career in NYC, fantastic friends, and amazing travels. The one thing she didn’t have? A husband.

Ep. 71 #OwnYourTimeline to Embrace Your Life Actually! Interview with Laura Behnke

Dr Karin Love and Life Podcast - Episode 134

In episode two, Dr. Karin discusses the notion of “singlism” and how many of us experience – or are guilty of – “single shaming” without even realizing it!

Ep. 2 Single Shaming-You’ve either experienced it or been guilty of it!