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In last week’s episode Dan and I answered your questions—many of which surrounded the beginning of our relationship. Obviously, I felt comfortable with the pace of our relationship but many of you (65% according to my Insta poll) felt differently.

Ep. 140 How to NOT Get Love Bombed: Slow Your Roll!

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Recently, I posted a poll on Instagram asking if you had any questions or topics you wanted Dan and me to discuss on the program. You had a LOT to say and today we respond to you questions and concerns in an episode devoted to how to have a GREAT relationship.

Ep. 139 How to Have a GREAT Relationship: Dan and I Tell All!

Eli Weinstein

There’s still a bit of mystery—and sometimes, stigma—surrounding psychotherapy, so I’m starting an occasional series called, “Let’s Talk Therapy!” In these episodes we’ll pull back the curtain and provide the inside scoop on what counseling is all about! Today, Eli Weinstein, LCSW, shares his professional and personal journey as a social worker and therapist.

Ep 138 Let’s Talk Therapy! with Eli Weinstein, LCSW

Anita Stoudmire, MA, LPC

Relationships don’t have to be so difficult—they can actually be fluid and even EASY! But they definitely can’t be easy if we pick unhealthy, toxic partners. And all too often, we’re completely unaware as to why we keep attracting—and being attracted to—dysfunctional people in the first place. For years, Anita Stoudmire chose men who were incapable of being the partner she desired. Eventually, she’d had enough disappointment and frustration. Anita began to unpack the dynamics causing her to choose poorly. She joins me to explain how she fixed her “picker” and finally learned to choose well!

Ep 136 How to Choose Well When Picking a Partner! Anita Stoudmire, MA, LPC

Dr. Duana Welch

Dr. Welch shares the psych research on breaking up and moving on.

Ep 123 Healing from Breakup or Divorce with Dr. Duana Welch

Shani Silver

It’s National Unmarried and Single Americans Week! To kick it off, I’ve invited Shani Silver, host of A Single Serving podcast, to share how she moved from complaining about dating to championing the single life!

Ep. 106 I Stopped Seeing Singlehood as Something “I Needed to Fix” with Shani Silver

Dating Coach Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky shares her mission to implement love education into schools’ curriculum and beyond!

Ep. 59 Love Education with Renee Slanksy, Part 2

Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell Podcast - Episode 29

How powerful is our state of mind and should you be friends with your ex boyfriend?

Ep. 29 State of Mind is a Powerful Thing with Valerie Giglio

All the Single Ladies Q&A

Tips for Single Ladies on being independent and getting back with your ex boyfriend.

Ep. 19 All the Single Ladies Q & A