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Dr Karin Episode 129

In part 2 of my recent Insta live with Laura Behnke, we break down three ridiculous lies single women hear ALL the time! Unfortunately, we heard them, too, and in this episode we share how we pushed back against them! We then answer questions we received from those watching the live.

Ep 129 The 3 Biggest Lies Single Women Hear! with Laura Behnke

Author Kacie Main

In giving up men for Lent, Kacie Main created space for introspection, reflection, and clear-headed decision-making.

Ep. 81 I Gave Up Men For Lent! Interview with Author Kacie Main

Dating Coach Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky shares her mission to implement love education into schools’ curriculum and beyond!

Ep. 59 Love Education with Renee Slanksy, Part 2

Neuroplasticity is Your Superpower!

Neuroplasticty is our superpower, so let’s learn how to use it—for dating, and in all realms of life!

Ep. 52 Neuroplasticity is Your Superpower! Plus – an Interview with The Fab Kara

Katherine Baldwin

What does it really mean to love yourself and how exactly do you do it?

Ep. 44 How to Fall in Love…With Yourself

Closeness Doesn't Equal Love

Until you look beneath the surface and understand that in an enmeshed family system, the closeness is mandated and any efforts members make to assert their independence are viewed as betrayal.

Closeness Doesn’t Equal Love

All the Single Ladies Q&A

Tips for Single Ladies on being independent and getting back with your ex boyfriend.

Ep. 19 All the Single Ladies Q & A

Ep. 4 NO Fear! How to Make Decisions from a Smart (not Scared) Mindset

In this episode Dr. Karin unpacks your questions and give you “love and life hacks” helping you better understand and enhance the love in your life.

Ep. 5 Understanding & Enhancing the Love in Your Life: The Love is Real Series Part 1

Dr. Karin - Love & Life

Dr. Karin explains how to tackle fear head-on by examining our irrational thoughts.

Ep. 4 NO Fear! How to Make Decisions from a Smart (not Scared) Mindset