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Kate Griffith

Most of us assumed we’d eventually be mothers. And, many of us deeply desired this—we dreamed about it, we planned for it, we read parenting books preparing ourselves for this most important role. But sometimes, life doesn’t play out as we’d hoped and we end up childless not by choice. Katy Seppi of Chasing Creation […]

Ep. 132 Childless Not By Choice

Love and Life Podcast - Ep 105

When life doesn’t play out as planned, we experience loss—of expectations, hopes, and dreams. Tune in to Episode 105 of Love & Life for more.

Ep. 105 Grieving the Life You Thought You’d Have: The Radical Stepmoms

Christine Infanger of Thirty Roses

Christine Infanger of Thirty Roses joins Dr. Karin to share the pain and unique grief of losing her fiancé.

Ep. 15 A Unique Grief-Losing Your Fiancé