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Dr. Karin Podcast Ep. 142

In this Love & Life Q&A episode, I answer 3 questions:1. How can I tell if the attraction I feel for someone is healthy?2. How can I address the topic of a pre-nup with my fiancé? 3. Do women need to “signal” to other women that they’re in a relationship?

Ep. 142 What if the “Sparks” are Due to a Trauma Bond or Anxious Attachment Style?

Dr Karin Love and LIfe Podcast

In last week’s episode Dan and I answered your questions—many of which surrounded the beginning of our relationship. Obviously, I felt comfortable with the pace of our relationship but many of you (65% according to my Insta poll) felt differently.

Ep. 140 How to NOT Get Love Bombed: Slow Your Roll!