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Psychotherapist Linda Ruvalcaba

Psychotherapist Linda Ruvalcaba understands anxiety—both from a clinical perspective and from personal experience! She endured anxiety’s terrifying grip after a horribly painful breakup.

Ep. 112 Turn Toward Anxiety to Heal! with Psychotherapist Linda Ruvalcaba

Dr Karin Anderson Abrell

Surging Covid-19 diagnoses and mandated social distancing heighten fear, stoke anxiety, and exacerbate loneliness and isolation.

Ep. 85 Love & Life During a Global Pandemic

Clinical psychologist Steven C. Hayes

Clinical psychologist Steven C. Hayes suffered from panic disorder. He tried all the therapeutic techniques he’d learned in his training and had employed with clients. But the attacks persisted.

Ep. 65 Liberate Your Mind to Address Depression and Anxiety! Interview with Dr. Steven C. Hayes

Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D.

Whether you’re a bit shy or very socially anxious, Dr. Hendriksen’s CBT techniques will help!

Ep. 57 Take Charge of Social Anxiety! Interview with Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D.

Dr. Allen Frances

To understand Dr. Karin’s deep concern with today’s mental health landscape (including diagnostic inflation and the rampant overuse of psychotropic medications i.e. antidepressants, anxiety drugs, and ADHD meds), check out my conversation with psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances.

Ep. 22 Is Anybody “Normal” Anymore?​