Ep. 97 Heartbreak is Hideous. Here’s Help! - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 97 Heartbreak is Hideous. Here’s Help!

If you’ve been brokenhearted—and, most of us have—you know how excruciatingly painful it is. In fact, brain imaging shows us that the same neural systems involved in physical pain are involved in emotional pain i.e. the angst of a broken heart isn’t so dissimilar from the pain of a broken bone. And frankly, many of us would acknowledge that it feels way worse! So here’s some help for the broken-hearted!  In this episode, I share the science of heartbreak—spoiler alert:  neurologically speaking, you’re essentially addicted to your ex—along with three tangible strategies to help you move past the one who wasn’t right for you, so as to find the one who is!