Ep. 96 Can Love Survive Infidelity? Jennifer Lehr, LMFT - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 96 Can Love Survive Infidelity? Jennifer Lehr, LMFT

What would you do if your partner strayed? Would you leave immediately or try to forgive the betrayal and move on? Could trust ever be rebuilt? Would the indiscretion haunt you forever? When vows have been broken, is a relationship ever salvageable? Marriage and family therapist, Jennifer Lehr, works with couples struggling to repair their relationships post infidelity. The good news—restoration is possible. The better news—it takes a lot of work. How is work BETTER news? Because, as Jennifer explains and the research substantiates, in-depth therapeutic work allows many couples to emerge from counseling stronger, more intimately connected, and happier in their marriages. Yes, infidelity can have a silver lining! Join us to learn:

· How to rebuild trust and intimacy after betrayal.
· Strategies for therapy when one partner wants to work on the relationship and the other doesn’t.
· The Two-Person System model and why it’s important in relationships and marriage.
· Red flags and yellow flags to note when dating.
· How to educate yourself on what will destroy your relationship and how to prevent those behaviors/attitudes from taking over your relationship.
· The simple, but profound, recipe for a happy marriage.
· The most important element therapists provide their clients.

Jennifer shares wisdom and clinical examples from her 20 years of helping couples find hope and forgiveness, in order to forge a stronger, more intimate and satisfying relationship!