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Ep. 93 Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse with Dr. Annie Kaszina

I get a LOT of questions about how to recover from a relationship with a narcissist. So this topic is one I’ve wanted to address for quite a while. I’m so pleased to welcome psychologist Dr. Annie Kaszina to the program to share not only her professional expertise, but also her personal journey of marrying and then divorcing a narcissist. Dr. Kaszina delves into:

· How strong, independent, accomplished women fall in love with and stay with narcs.
· The red flags narcissists wave—despite their best efforts to dupe you!
· Dr. Annie’s suggestion for discovering if the person you’re dating has narcissistic tendencies.
· Why pacing yourself in the early days of a relationship is imperative!
· The power of self-knowledge as it relates to narcs.
· How to take back control after being with a narcissist.
· Co-parenting when your ex is a narcissist.
· The identity some women take on when they’ve been with a narc.

In this episode, as in her book, Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband? Dr. Kaszina assures us that we CAN rebuild our lives in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse and we CAN move forward empowered, emboldened, and equipped to select a husband as carefully as we’d pick a pup!

Get a free chapter of Dr. Annie’s book here: recoverfromemotionalabuse.com/lp-dog

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