Ep. 92 Love Factually: The Science of Dating with Dr. Duana Welch - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 92 Love Factually: The Science of Dating with Dr. Duana Welch

Wouldn’t it be great if science could give us the straight facts on dating? Well actually, it does! When on the dating scene herself, psychologist Dr. Duana Welch, looked to psych research for guidance. She shares all she learned in her blog, Love Science, and in her Love Factually book series. Join us as we discuss:

· Why men get so excited early in a relationship, but often lose interest just as quickly.
· The different ways men and women experience situationships.
· How sex causes you to bond—even when it’s just friends with benefits.
· How to figure out if you’re too picky!
· A powerful strategy if you’ve lost hope in love.
· Why women love a man with a plan (and what this means for us when dating!)
· What happens when men lose interest—spoiler alert, even they don’t know why!
· How to present yourself as a “high status” woman—and why this is imperative when dating (also, it’s NOT about being arrogant or snooty!)
· The different “mating psychology” of men vs. women.
· The brain chemistry of a man as he’s falling in love.

Learn how to “love smarter, not harder” by loving FACTUALLY!

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