Ep. 82 Netflix's Love is Blind (Part 1): My Psychologist Response - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 82 Netflix’s Love is Blind (Part 1): My Psychologist Response

The hottest new Netflix series, Love is Blind, touches on a myriad of Love & Life themes i.e. attraction, intimacy, dating, relationships, engagement, and marriage. Obviously, I had to weigh in! What does psych research have to say about this “experiment?” Is it actually possible to fall in love without laying eyes on each other? Even if a bond forms, will it survive in the real world?
My husband, Dan, joins me (because despite his initial skepticism, I got him hooked on the series, too) to hash out these questions and delve into the following:

· Gender differences and attraction.
· The role of scent in attraction—specifically how scent was absent when participants were in the pods!
· How much is too much? Should Carlton have told Diamond about his past? We discuss what we share in our marriage (and what we don’t!) about our past.

Every once in a while, a TV show captures worldwide attention AND provides compelling material for discussing the psychology of dating, love, and marriage. With SO much goodness to unpack, this episode will be the first in a Love & Life Love is Blind series. Please join us and join in the conversation on Instagram. I’m at @dr.karin!

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