Ep. 64 The StepMoms' Club - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 64 The StepMoms’ Club

Stepfamilies are the “new normal.” In fact, 50% of American kids will have a stepparent at some point in their lives (Health Research Funding, 2015). But, according to the Stepfamily Foundation, 75% of stepfamilies complain of “not having access to resources as a stepfamily.” For this reason, Kendall Rose wrote The Stepmoms Club: How to Be a Stepmom Without Losing Your Money, Your Mind, and Your Marriage. Kendall shares both her personal experience as a single woman who married a man with kids and the collective wisdom of the members of The Stepmoms Club. Join us as we discuss:

– The imperative step you MUST take before marrying a man with children—and if you’re already married, do this immediately!
– The “Stepmom Vortex” and how to avoid getting sucked into it!
– Which blended family elements you can control and which you can’t.
– Combatting the “evil stepmother” stereotype.
– The infuriating Disneyland Dad Syndrome—why he does it and how to handle it.
– The optimal way to deal with his difficult ex.
– Why hitting the wall may be the BEST thing to happen to you and your family!
– The unexpected blessings of a blended family.

Learn from those who’ve been there—avoid the mistakes they made and find comfort in the camaraderie of your fellow stepmom sisters!

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