Ep. 59 Love Education with Renee Slanksy, Part 2 - Podcast

Ep. 59 Love Education with Renee Slanksy, Part 2

We have a core human desire to love and be loved and many, if not most, of us believe our relationships to be the most important aspect of our lives. Yet in most countries, there’s very little formal education on how to cultivate healthy relationships—with ourselves and with others! Because of this we model the dynamics we witnessed in our family of origin—and for many of us, what we observed in childhood doesn’t provide a solid foundation for our adult connections. With all the psych research on friendship, love, and marriage, it’s surprising we don’t integrate this literature into school’s curriculums. If this concerns you, please take a listen to this episode in which Australian dating coach Renee Slansky shares her mission to implement love education into schools’ curriculum and beyond!

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