Ep. 58 Own it! With Dating Coach Renee Slansky, Part 1 - Podcast

Ep. 58 Own it! With Dating Coach Renee Slansky, Part 1

World renowned dating coach, Renee Slanksy, shares how a decision to completely own her choices in love allowed her to break free from a narcissist and find her Prince Charming! Find out how Renee’s strategy can work for you as we address:

•Renee’s #1 bit of advice for women dating today!
•What men are really looking for on a first date.
•How MEN get objectified…
•The ONE reason a man will commit to a woman.
•How entitlement negatively affects the dating culture.
•What women all too often fail to understand about men.
•The only two reasons people stay single.
•The concrete things you can do TODAY to free yourself from a toxic relationship.
•Why we need to date ourselves FIRST—and keep dating ourselves even when we’re in relationships!

Join us for wisdom and inspiration from both Renee’s personal journey and her international coaching practice!

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