Ep. 199 Have You Ever Been Told You’re Single Because You’re Too Picky?  - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 199 Have You Ever Been Told You’re Single Because You’re Too Picky? 

As many of you know, my book, Single is the New Black:  Don’t Wear White ‘til it’s Right, resulted from my experiences as a single woman who read all the other books for single women and found them, in my estimation, to be lacking.

I resisted other books’ theses—that something must be inherently wrong with me and that’s why I was still single.

Also, so many self-help books for single women morph into dating “how to’s.” Which, I was never a really big fan of dating do’s and don’ts because I believe we need to date as our authentic selves. Sure, we can—and should—present the very BEST version of our authentic selves. We absolutely want to date with confidence, emotional maturity, kindness, and mutual respect—for those we date and for ourselves.

So, I wrote my own book about how to stay true to ourselves while dating, and how to manage the single shaming comments you likely hear from time to time. It’s a word of encouragement and empowerment and a reminder that you’re strong and courageous because–it’s easy to settle, but you’re not about that life!

One of the single shaming comments I often heard was, “Karin, don’t you think maybe you’re too picky?”

This comment drove me crazy. I know people meant well, but they clearly didn’t understand how insulting a comment like this is! Were they suggesting that everyone else gets to marry someone they’re crazy about, but since I’m over 35, now I need to just settle for someone mediocre?

It was infuriating!

So, I devoted a chapter in my book to the topic and it’s here for you in this week’s episode!

For more of Single is the New Black, you can listen to chapter 1 and chapter 11 in episodes 90 and 145 of Love & Life or, grab your copy on Audible or iTunes.

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