Ep. 183 Is Your Family Sabotaging Your Love Life? with Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 183 Is Your Family Sabotaging Your Love Life? with Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson

Our families have a profound impact on us—not just in childhood, but throughout our lifetime! But, family dynamics can be tricky to sort out due to the intensity of emotions and because we lack the objectivity necessary to see ourselves and our connections clearly; it’s hard to observe a system when you’re part of the system.

Furthermore, sometimes our families can unintentionally sabotage our efforts to find our person!

Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson joins me for a deep dive into how connections to family members may impede our search for romantic partnership—unbeknownst to all involved!

Specifically, Elliott and I discuss:

  • The construct of individuation and its profound impact on not only your family life, but your love life!
  • Why Elliott’s first question to the couples he counsels isn’t about them—rather, it’s always about their families.
  • How we can be both close to and separate from our families!
  • Your man’s lack of confidence as it relates to his individuation.
  • How an adult daughter’s loyalty to her parents may keep her emotionally unavailable to romantic partners.
  • How your parents’ “empty nest” marriage impacts your love life in ways you may not fully realize.
  • Anxious attachment as it relates to enmeshed family systems.
  • Why your brothers and sisters always hate your significant others. Spoiler alert: you need to individuate from your siblings, too!

Individuation is an imperative process—one we work on throughout our lives. Though there may be struggles along the way, the differentiation process helps everyone in the family!

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