Ep. 176 Money & Love: Take Charge of Your Finances, Take Charge of Your Life! with Emily Burnett - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 176 Money & Love: Take Charge of Your Finances, Take Charge of Your Life! with Emily Burnett

Money is such a touchy topic. We’re told never to talk about it in polite company. And for many of us, it’s a subject we don’t ever bring up—even to ourselves! But ultimately, finances are all about values—just like the rest of life!

When I was single, I valued living to the fullest and I also valued being fiscally responsible. At times, these values were in conflict.

Emily Burnett knows all about this dilemma. She grew up in a home where fiscal responsibility was valued. Yet as a single woman in her thirties, she was $50,000 in debt. Ouch. But one day Emily had had enough. As she put it, “I make too much money to feel this broke!”

Emily is here to help us get in the driver’s seat with our money! Join us for a conversation about:

  • Dating when you’re in debt.
  • Enjoying nice things when you can’t really afford them.
  • Living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Why you don’t need to feel bad about not having a budget.
  • And also, why constructing a budget is empowering, liberating, and exciting!
  • How planning for special purchases allows us to enjoy things twice!
  • How to lose the guilt that often accompanies splurges!
  • Why creating a budget enables you to get in touch with your values, see yourself more clearly, and become more authentic.
  • How to get out of debt—even $50,000 worth of debt!

Emily says, “A woman who is ‘on purpose’ can do so much good in the world!” Listen to our conversation to get “on purpose” regarding your finances, and watch this intentionality generalize to other realms of love and life!

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