Ep. 173 Big Pharma, Big Censorship, & Big Gov Mandates with Dr. Diana Lipford - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 173 Big Pharma, Big Censorship, & Big Gov Mandates with Dr. Diana Lipford

Naturopath Dr. Diana Lipford joins me again—this time to talk about the one topic we’re absolutely NOT supposed to discuss! Join us as we delve into the following questions and concerns surrounding the most pressing and controversial issue of our generation.

  • How did Americans lose bodily autonomy? Where there is risk, there must be choice!
  • What happened to second opinions? How did we get to the point where doctors’ legitimate questions were silenced by social media? Who are these “fact checkers” and why do they get to control the discourse?
  • The lack of logic regarding mRNA experimental gene therapy mandates for children.
  • Why an mRNA experimental gene therapy does not inoculate in the same manner as traditional vaccines.
  • What the jab actually does in your body.
  • The tyranny of forced compliance of a “vaccine” that doesn’t stop transmission or confer immunity.
  • Why the phrase “trust the science” is a contradiction in terms—and every legit scientist knows it.
  • How censorship has destroyed the possibility for informed consent regarding an experimental treatment—which violates medical freedom.
  • The billions and billions of dollars Pharma has made via this warp speed rollout and mandates.
  • Who politicized all this?
  • How mass “vaccinations” drive mutation when implemented during high viral activity.
  • Antibody dependent enhancement and pathogenic priming.
  • The reason you’re at a greater risk of having an adverse reaction if you get the jab after you’ve already had the virus.

No matter your stance on these concerns, I hope you’ll find our conversation thought-provoking and empowering.

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