Ep. 167 Treat Depression and Anxiety Without Meds! with Dr. Diana Lipford - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 167 Treat Depression and Anxiety Without Meds! with Dr. Diana Lipford

Dr. Diana Lipford found her way into natural medicine after years of suffering from auto-immune disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and intersistial cystitis. Conventional medicine wasn’t helping her so she eventually asked her doctor, “What can you do for me other than prescribe me with pills?” Her doctor looked at her as if she was crazy and had absolutely nothing to offer her. So, Diana tried another approach and saw a physician who specialized in herbs and nutrition. Initially, Diana was skeptical; she remembers thinking, “This man has no idea how much pain I’m in!” Her illnesses were debilitating, and Diana felt like a failure as a wife, mother, and teacher. She could barely function, yet her new doctor claimed her gut and liver health were the root cause of her problems. Diana figured, “I have nothing to lose . . .” so she gave this approach a chance and within 10 days, she experienced relief she never imagined was possible. Due to her own incredible healing and restoration, Diana became a naturopath and she now treats people from a holistic, integrative standpoint. Join us to learn the underlying physiological causes of depression and anxiety and free yourself from the grip of Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex!

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