Ep. 161 Dating with Confidence at ANY Size! with Veronica Grant - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 161 Dating with Confidence at ANY Size! with Veronica Grant

If you’ve ever said, “I really want to date, but I can’t get back out there until I feel confident with my body,” you’re not alone. Most women have wrestled with body image at some point—or at MANY points—in their lives. Veronica Grant understands this struggle and provides powerful strategies for finding where “healthy meets happy” regarding our physique, nutrition, and romance. Join us as we explore themes surrounding:

Healthy eating that comes from an unhealthy place!

The rigidity inherent to food restriction—even in efforts to eat more nutritiously!

The connection between body, intuition, and love life.

How obsessing about our size may cause us to miss red flags when getting to know someone!

Getting physical quickly which actually keeps us emotionally unavailable.

How our efforts to control our diet and exercise spill over to trying to control our partner.

Our relationship to food and how it mirrors our relationships with others in our life.

Veronica shares her journey from obsessive calorie counter, to strict vegan, to finding freedom and enjoying sushi again! Join us to learn how to truly love your body, feel comfortable in your own skin, and step into dating with confidence—at any size!

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