Ep. 156 Still Single? It’s NOT Your Fault! - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast

Ep. 156 Still Single? It’s NOT Your Fault!

It’s National Unmarried and Single Americans Week and to celebrate, I’m sharing the first chapter of my book, Single is the New Black:  Don’t Wear White ‘til it’s Right! One of the main myths singles hear is that they’re somehow fundamentally flawed and that’s why they haven’t met their person—if they’d just “fix themselves” already, true love would finally come their way. Yeah, right. I take issue with this bogus assumption and much more in my book and I share the first chapter with you here as a way to kick off a week devoted to singles. Let’s thrive during our single season! My book is here to help!

Stay tuned throughout the week for more bonus episodes and giveaways!

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