Ep 155 When You’re Not a Mother, But Wanted to Be: World Childless Week with Jody Day of Gateway Women - Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell - Love and Life Podcast Podcast

Ep 155 When You’re Not a Mother, But Wanted to Be: World Childless Week with Jody Day of Gateway Women

Women without children walk the road less traveled—and for the vast majority of them, this path was not of their choosing. In fact, of the women who reach midlife without children, only 10% planned to be “child free”, while 10% are childless due to infertility, and a full 80% are childless not by choice but rather, due to circumstances. Jody Day of Gateway Women shares her personal journey and discusses the many layers of disenfranchised grief surrounding childlessness. Specifically, we cover:

Second wave feminism and the unintended consequence of circumstantial childlessness.

The emotional, physical, and financial complexities of IVF—the real stats.

Jody’s thoughts on how to respond to the, “Oh, you would have made such a great mom!” comments.

When the term “biological clock” first appeared in the discourse.

The pain of “not being chosen” for partnership along with the “not being chosen” to be someone’s mother.

Grieving the loss of the “identity” of mother.

How to “reclaim our worthiness” and find our place as women without children.

The fetishism of motherhood.

Societal and policy concerns surrounding childless women. The pain is real, but it’s a disenfranchised sorrow—how do you grieve the loss of something you never had?

Join us for an empathic, supportive conversation and be sure to participate in World Childless Week’s virtual summit September 13 – 19, 2021.

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