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Ep. 153 “No Pressure” Besties: My BFF and I Share How it’s Done!

“We’ll be besties forever!” “No matter what happens, we’ll stay close.”

“You’re my BFF and nothing will change that!” We said it. We meant it. But life happens, and it gets in the way of even the closest friendship. And sometimes it hurts—a lot. But we CAN remain close—as we talked about in last week’s episode—by examining our expectations.

My BFF, Miriam Conner, joins me to share her philosophy on friendship—the “No Pressure” friendship. Specifically, we delve into: How to maintain strong friendships while also adjusting our expectations as our priorities shift.

What developmental psych research on preschoolers and empathy can teach us about adult friendships!

Three options for how to respond when a friend disappoints us. Personal stories of when we both found ourselves needing to cut friends out of our lives. How to handle it when a friend cancels plans at the last minute. What to do when a friend changes dramatically. How to politely disengage from a friend who has unreasonable expectations. The parallels between dating/marriage and lifelong friendships. Why some women LOVE drama in their friendships.

Join us to learn how to cultivate “no pressure friendships” with your besties!

Dr. Karin

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