Ep. 122 When We “Medicalize” Our Emotions: Beyond the DSM with Dr. Steven C. Hayes - Podcast

Ep. 122 When We “Medicalize” Our Emotions: Beyond the DSM with Dr. Steven C. Hayes

“More than one in four women take medication to treat a mental health condition” (Medco Health Solutions). Are 25% of us actually clinically depressed and anxious? Or, might diagnostic inflation be at work? Psychologist Dr. Steven C. Hayes speaks to this and more in his new book, Beyond the DSM:  Toward a Process-Based Alternative for Diagnosis and Mental Health Treatment. Join us for a conversation about:

·        The excessive biomedicalization of the human condition.

·        How a DSM diagnosis may make us more passive and less responsible for our own emotional well-being.

·        The notion of “having” a psychiatric illness vs. assessing the things we “do” and the feelings that show up for us.

·        Debunking the “science” of mental illness.

·        Why genes are NOT deterministic of our emotional and psychological functioning (spoiler alert: epigenetics).

·        How meditation impacts our emotional state and our genes!

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems everyone “has” some sort of disorder nowadays, this episode is for you!  We explore ways we can ALL move beyond the DSM and toward a more empowered approach to emotional and psychological health!


Dr. Karin