Ep 121 The Science of Hope: Why it Matters in Love & Life! - Podcast

Ep 121 The Science of Hope: Why it Matters in Love & Life!

I get asked about hope a lot: ·

How can I stay hopeful when the dating scene is so bleak? ·

How can I maintain a hopeful attitude after being ghosted yet again? ·

How can I hold onto hope? All the good ones are taken! Maintaining a happy, hopeful, positive attitude when you’ve been dating for a long time—way longer than you expected or wanted to—isn’t easy at all. I’ve been there, felt that. Over my 27 years of dating (from 15 until age 42 when I got married), there were definitely times when I thought it would be so much easier to just give up and resign myself to being single forever. But I never gave up hope.

And, I don’t want you to, either! Research in psychology confirms hope makes a huge difference in our emotional—and even physical!—well-being. Furthermore, hope is within our control! By practicing research-based strategies, we can cultivate and sustain a hopeful attitude despite the disappointments we are bound to experience. Join me to learn the science of hope and the practices we can implement in order to enjoy its psychological benefits!

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