Ep. 106 I Stopped Seeing Singlehood as Something "I Needed to Fix" with Shani Silver - Podcast

Ep. 106 I Stopped Seeing Singlehood as Something “I Needed to Fix” with Shani Silver

It’s National Unmarried and Single Americans Week!  To kick it off, I’ve invited Shani Silver, host of A Single Serving podcast, to share how she moved from complaining about dating to championing the single life!  According to Shani, “I came out of a hole and I know the way out of the hole. I want to tell other people that it’s possible.”  Here are a few more gems of wisdom from my conversation with Shani:

·        “Enjoying a single life—not as a consolation, but as ‘on par’ with life in partnership—is entirely possible. I know this because I’m living it.”

·        “It is 100% possible to love your single life and want a relationship at the same  time. Both of those things can coexist.”

·        “I decided that what was meant for me was going to connect with me. And it was not going to be because I was fighting to find it. Because I had fought to find it for a decade and I didn’t. So that method didn’t serve me.  Maybe just relaxing and letting go and living life will connect me with who I’m meant to be with anyway.”

Join us for a celebration of empowered single living!

Shani Silver

Website: shanisilver.com

Dr. Karin

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