Individual Consultations

 (3) 60 minute sessions

During our consultation, you'll:

Clarify underlying emotional and psychological concerns to discover what’s really going on!

Target limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

Learn empowering techniques from cognitive therapy to sustainably elevate your mindset and mood.

Identify relationship dynamics which impede your goals.

Generate a concrete plan for moving forward to thrive in love and life!

60 minutes $250

30 minutes: $150

After purchasing, you'll receive an email from me so we can schedule your session(s).

Support Groups

Safe, confidential conversations with no more than 5 other members and me.

Honest and candid feedback from others who want the absolute best for you!

Goal clarification and development.

Greater understanding of emotional/psychological issues that block your progress.

Strategies and techniques from cognitive therapy to help you elevate your mindset and mood.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel fully understood?

What you can expect:

If you're into 
if you geek out on
and if you're looking to 

Breakup Recovery, Empowered Mindset Cultivation using strategies from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)

keep them small to be sure everyone gets personal attention.

2 hours every other week via

Each semester consists of 8 sessions 

Once we begin, groups are closed

The details:


4 months of support for $600
2 sessions per month

personal development,

psych research,

level up

 in all realms of




Love & Life Support Group

is for you!   


Dating & Relationships, Single Living, 


5 members per group (plus me). We



(2 sessions per month).



until the end of the semester so members can build rapport and community.


In Love & Life groups you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of connecting with like-minded women. You’ll feel encouraged and empowered by others endeavoring to thrive in all realms of love and life!  

We all know there’s strength in numbers, so join us for deep conversations designed to provide healing and promote growth.

Please note: Consultations are not psychotherapy and should not be considered as such or utilized as a substitute for face to face counseling with a professional. In booking a consultation, it is assumed you understand Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell's Terms of Use.

Join the Waitlist

I'm currently facilitating a support group which runs through March, 2022. The next group will begin in early summer.

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