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Bad Childhood, Great Life! with Brunnie Getchell, LMHC Ep. 130

Brunnie Getchell’s childhood was rough. Her family struggled with addiction, abandonment, abuse, poverty, and more. As a result, she created a protective shell around her which left her “emotionally frozen” and withdrawn.

Ep 130 Bad Childhood, Great Life! with Brunnie Getchell, LMHC

Dr Karin Episode 129

In part 2 of my recent Insta live with Laura Behnke, we break down three ridiculous lies single women hear ALL the time! Unfortunately, we heard them, too, and in this episode we share how we pushed back against them! We then answer questions we received from those watching the live.

Ep 129 The 3 Biggest Lies Single Women Hear! with Laura Behnke

How to Live Life on YOUR Terms with Laura Behnke

Last week I did an Instagram live with Laura Behnke of Life Actually. Laura and I align on so many levels—she also found love later than she’d hoped to and therefore dealt with “single shaming” along the way. Laura’s been there, felt that and learned to embrace her life actually! Join us for a lively conversation.

Ep 128 How to Live Life on YOUR Terms with Laura Behnke

Love and Life Ep 127

Psychotherapist and pastor Elliott Anderson is back to discuss how mother wounds affect our dating and relationships. In recognizing our mother wounded, we’re able to bring it to the surface, process it, and move through it—toward emotional relief, interpersonal wholeness, and relational wellness.

Ep. 127 Is Your Mother Wound Impacting Your Relationships? with Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson

Love and Life Ep 126

Fear is a powerful force—it permeates all realms of love and life but it seems particularly impactful when it comes to dating. Join me as I discuss the findings from several Spielmann studies elucidating the influence of fear on our dating lives, but more importantly—what we can do to overcome this fear and date from a place of hope and empowerment!

Ep. 126 Is Fear Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Marriage therapist, Elliott Anderson, M.A.

If you’ve ever wondered if you have “daddy issues” or been curious as to how your relationship with your father influences the men you choose and the dynamics you experience in relationships, this episode is for you!

Ep 125 Is Your Father Wound Impacting Your Relationships? with Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson

Dr. Welch

Dr. Welch is featured on this bonus episode to address your concerns about dating as a “high status” woman.

Ep 124 High Status Dating Q&A with Dr. Duana Welch

Dr. Duana Welch

Dr. Welch shares the psych research on breaking up and moving on.

Ep 123 Healing from Breakup or Divorce with Dr. Duana Welch

Clinical psychologist Steven C. Hayes

Dr. Karin and Dr. Steven C. Hayes explore ways we can ALL move beyond the DSM and toward a more empowered approach to emotional and psychological health!

Ep. 122 When We “Medicalize” Our Emotions: Beyond the DSM with Dr. Steven C. Hayes

Love and Life Episode 121

Join Dr. Karin to learn the science of hope and the practices we can implement in order to enjoy its psychological benefits!

Ep 121 The Science of Hope: Why it Matters in Love & Life!