Dr. Karin
What Do Men (and Women!) Really Want (1)

Sometimes, if we’ve been single for a while—or longer than a while—we begin to doubt ourselves. We wonder why love seems so hard to find. Are we doing something wrong? Is there a particular quality we’re missing? What are men looking for anyway? Well, here’s the good news. You have exactly what your person is looking for!

Ep. 150 What Men (and Women!) Want in a Partner—Science Tells All!

Melanie Hersch

On Love & Life we talk about beliefs all the time—because they’re incredibly powerful and they impact every area of our lives—especially our love life. What we believe about ourselves and what we believe we have to offer a partner sets the tone we bring to our dating efforts and experiences. And sometimes, we hold beliefs that assert influence over us, but we don’t even know we hold these beliefs! On today’s episode, psychotherapist turned dating coach, Melanie Hersch, and I explore how we can harness our beliefs and level up our mindset for empowered dating!

Ep. 149 Are Your Beliefs Blocking Your Path to Love? With Melanie Hersch

Kat Harris on Love & Life

In our hyper-sexualized culture, it appears everyone is hooking up without concern—giving no thought whatsoever to the impact casual encounters have on our soul and psyche. But this perception may not be the reality—it certainly isn’t for blogger and author Kat Harris.

Ep. 148 Sexless in the City with Kat Harris

Empowerment vs Disempowered Dating - Dr. Karin

I’ve rolled out a few reels over the last couple months talking about cultivating an empowered mindset for empowered dating! But unfortunately, for some of you watching overseas, the audio won’t play when music is placed behind the vocal track (perhaps it’s a licensing issue in some countries?) When I learned some of you weren’t able to hear the audio, I figured the best way to work around this problem would be to share the reels via a podcast episode. So, here it is!

Ep. 147 Empowered Dating Mindset: The Instagram Reels!

Tausha Pearson

On a Mission to Reunite Orphans with Their Parents: The Haiti Mama Story with Tausha Pearson.

Ep. 146 On a Mission to Reunite Orphans with Their Parents: The Haiti Mama Story with Tausha Pearson

Single is the New Black

Everyone who’s been single longer than they’d hoped to be has encountered the fear of being alone forever.

Ep.145 Quit Worrying About Being Alone Forever—ch. 11 of Single is the New Black

Elliott Anderson, M.A.

If you’ve dated a passive man or TRIED to date a passive man—because he never got around to asking you out—this episode is for you! As empowered women, we’ve been raised to take charge and take action, but does that work for us when dating? Psychotherapist Elliott Anderson is back to share his thoughts on male passivity—what it’s about and how to handle it!

Ep. 144 Why Are SO Many Men SO Passive in Relationships? with Elliott Anderson, M.A.

Lisa Clearly

Lisa Clearly went through a bad breakup at age 31. In addition to grieving the demise of her relationship, she lost her job and ended up homeless. She joins us to discuss the question, “Can anything good come from a bad breakup?”

Ep. 143 Can Anything Good Come From a Bad Breakup? With Lisa Cleary

Dr. Karin Podcast Ep. 142

In this Love & Life Q&A episode, I answer 3 questions:1. How can I tell if the attraction I feel for someone is healthy?2. How can I address the topic of a pre-nup with my fiancé? 3. Do women need to “signal” to other women that they’re in a relationship?

Ep. 142 What if the “Sparks” are Due to a Trauma Bond or Anxious Attachment Style?

Tracy Alloway on Love & Life Podcast

We say it every week on Love & Life, “Take charge of your thoughts! Take charge of your life!” And what better way to do so than by taking a deep dive into female brain chemistry!

Ep. 141 Think Like a Girl! Harness the Power of Your Female Brain with Dr. Tracy Alloway