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Ep. 199 Have You Ever Been Told You’re Single Because You’re Too Picky?

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Take charge of your

Take charge of your

I’m Karin - a psychology professor turned self-help author turned podcast host. Part psych nerd, part girl-about-town, I bring academic acumen and wisdom gleaned from 27 years on the dating scene to my expertise on love and life.

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On Love & Life, I explore research-based methods for happy, hopeful, positive living! I delve into all the good stuff - how to have true intimacy in romantic relationships, more meaningful friendships, healthier family connections, and more fulfilling careers. Each episode leaves listeners with a Love & Life Hack - a quick fix to improve your emotional wellness TODAY!

Take charge of your thoughts, take charge of your life!

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Single is the New Black
Don't wear white 'till it's right

You're still single and you've heard it all:

we all are.

"You're too picky!"
"Just go online!"
"You're not trying hard enough!"

And frankly, you're tired of it.

In a convincing and spirited manner, Dr. Karin encourages and inspires readers to: 

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    Be happy, hopeful, and positive because the happier you are when single, the happier you'll be when married!

    Stay strong amidst prevailing "single shaming" messages.

    Resist the "you need to change to snag a man" protocol of typical self-help fare.

    Remain true to yourself and never settle for anything less than an extraordinary relationship! 

Dr. Karin shares lessons learned from her 27 years on the dating scene—including calling off an engagement to Mr. Wrong before finally marrying Mr. Right at 42!

Kim Strauch


"Dr. Karin provided me with the wisdom on what it meant to be my authentic self, and more importantly, supported me in my journey getting there."

Madison Jones

North Carolina

"Listening to Dr. Karin helps me maintain healthy relationships. She gives nothing but the best advice!"

Damia Jackson


"Listening to Love & Life empowers, educates, and informs me to make better decisions in my life."

Gee Basco


"I love listening to Dr. Karin's Love & Life simply because she really inspires people, informs her listeners to stay positive, and always looks on the brighter side of life."



"Listening to Dr. Karin has really helped me stay positive and encouraged post breakup. She helps fuel a fire in listeners to take control of their lives and relationships!"


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